Friday, 22 November 2013

Pipes Repair Putty

Pipes Repair Putty

We are the Manufacturer's of Pipes Repair Putty in India, We are supply the Product All over the world. If you have ever had to make an emergency repair on a broken pipe, you will truly appreciate this unique pipe repair product. Without the use of tools, you may be able to repair the break or leak in your copper, steel, plastic, cast iron, or rubber pipe - in minutes.

Monarch's Pipes Repair Putty Features:
  • Permanently repair most pipes/fittings or hose in minutes.
  • Applies like tape, sets like steel
  • Works on pipe of nearly any material, including copper, steel, plastic, cast iron, rubber
  • Includes everything you need but water - No tools needed.
  • Economic and easy to use kit used for repairing leaking pipes.

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  1. US Sewer ensures professional, quick and cost effective solutions to your Pipelining needs.Five hour cure time guarantees fast return to service for your home or facility. We offer long term solutions. No excavation required.For details go epoxy pipe repair.