Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Flex Putty

Flex Putty is a polyurethane based product used for repairing rubber parts and equipment. These offer outstanding resistance against wear caused due to impact and coarse particle abrasion.

 Flex Putty is premium polyester finishing glaze that provides superior adhesion with excellent flexibility on plastics. Flex Putty produce excellent feather edge results on plastics, metal SMC, fiberglass, cured primer and paint. Use to fill pinholes, dings, scrapes, sanding scratches and more. Putty Flex sands easily and resists clogging sandpaper.

Flex Putty  Product Feature’s
  •    Flex Putty is Environment-friendly
  •    Strong bonding force
  •    Strong anti-cracking and Waterproof
  •    Good weather-resistant
  •    Abrasion Resistant, Wear-Resistant
Recommended Flex Putty Application’s
  •     Repairing conveyor Belt Damages
  •     Slurry pumps,
  •     Insulation Cables
  •     Butterfly Valve
  •     Cyclone
  •     Rubber lined tank
  •     Rubber rollers
Mixing Instructions

1. Mix your Flex Putty in compliance with the instructions in plastic bowl.

2. Take a small piece of Flex Putty and begin pressing it into the crack. Press enough Flex Putty so that it extends higher than the original surface. Allow it to dry according to the drying time.

3. Take a piece of medium grade sandpaper, and gently sand down the Flex Putty you filled the crack or chip with. Make sure to avoid sanding the area around the Flex Putty. Sand until the Flex Putty is at the same level as the rest of the surface so the two surfaces are cohesive with each other.


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