Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rubber Repair Putty

This high performance two-part urethane was developed to repair critical operating equipment faster, more reliably and with greater ease than before. Rubber Repair Putty is an adhesive, sealant and repair compound all in one convenient, self-mixing system. Extremely tough and fast curing, it forms permanent bonds to rubber, urethane, PVC, metal, glass, masonry and plastics. Its excellent flexibility and elongation properties make it suitable as a sealant in the most demanding environments. And, the system's no-measure, self-mixing features make it extremely convenient for fast, on-site repairs, especially to conveyor belts and other rubber parts exposed to weather and extreme wear.

Recommended Applications of Rubber Repair Putty:
  • Repairing conveyor belts.
  • Repairing or rebuilding rubber liners in mills, pumps, feeder bowls, hoppers, chutes, and fans.
  • Repairing cast urethane screens and liners.
  • Forming tough, flexible bonds to metal, rubber, and masonry parts.


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